Thursday, November 16

does anyone work around here?

I went to meet my sis for lunch today and there were people everywhere! They were lunching, feeding babies, having coffee, shopping - I mean it was 12pm - does anyone work around here? My sis was saying that since she had her baby and takes her for walks and goes out expecting quiet that everything is busy! The beach and the coffee shops are full. It would be nice not to be at work all day!
I spent all morning thinking of what people would buy for gifts for Christmas and bought in a mix of educational and funky gifts. Well things that I would buy as pressies and then I have been hammering and hanging them up. My cousin is over here from South Africa and she's been relaxing in here and reading.
I keep picking up books and starting to read them and then putting them down and forgetting to finish them - Pops left me a copy of SleepingArrangements - a memoir by Laura Shine about her very unorthodox upbringing who was brought up in the 50s by her two uncles. I haven't started yet but I love memoirs of people's lives.
I have been concentrating on children's and babies books, I found a series of Disney animals and shapes and a whole lot of animal books - very very nice ones!
Since I have been in here; I have been reading about men and the male mind and I found a term called the duck shoot! My other favourite term is premature declaration! Email me for lengthy explanations of both and examples!

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  1. You've inspired me! Well, inspired me to add something to he list fo things to buy for my mother for christmas. Sleeping Arrangements sounds like the kins of thing she'd love, thanks for bringing it to my attention!