Monday, November 13

Mon 13th and being Monday...

After a few weeks of staying in and sorting my head out; I've been to U2 on Sat night, had lunch with friends, stolen some marketing ideas from a book stall, read ALL the newspapers, and it's good to be back! (Tonight I have a book talk, tomorrow I am going to an art exhibition)
I have just been chatting to a lady in my shop who worked in her Perth gift store seven days a week, from 9-6:30pm alone. Sheesh!
I have Pops and friends wanting to get involved - please do! and a network of shop keepers and business thingies to keep me fresh! :)
I am reading Emily Giffin's somethingblue which is a deep chick lit about the girl who has everything. Darcy is really shallow, she has always been beautiful, always had the best, always been desired and then... she loses her 'public', her man, her best friend and for the first time she has to face the person she has become.
It's an interesting read because Darcy is the epitomy (or stereotype!) of a beautiful person who has never had to worry about being alone or being flawed or not being liked by others... things that I often (and I am sure you do) worry about.
Darcy is selfish, manipulative and controlling and it's such a pleasurable read because I recognise her behaviour and relate to her feelings in reverse - I have just come out of a down period and have had similar experiences with a male friend of mine who behaves like Darcy.
Emily Giffin writes chick lit but looks into deeper contexts about women and friendships; this book is good because Darcy is such a cow at the beginning and redeems herself.
It's pouring with rain and I have a gorgeous man in the shop talking about Cape Town and watching the rain...

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  1. I just read Giffin's newest - Baby Proof and enjoyed it. I've enjoyed her others too. When the mood for chick lit strikes I've found that her books are a sure thing :)