Friday, November 3

thank you...

I have just received a laminated thank you sign with a picture of a smiling sun, a heart with the words thank you very much inside and it has a border of smiling green dots. It's from a public school in the area and the thank you was for donating a voucher and books for their spring fair!
It's raining so I am drinking coffee and reading the WHO magazine because people seem to stay indoors.
I did have two Italian kids in here earlier with gorgeous accents and everything they said sounded wonderful. We read Mary had a Little Lamb and looked at pictures of animals while the baby gurgled and dribbled everywhere.
I have been looking at funky gift, book and card sites as I want to bring some more quirky and bright stock in so we can slowly move to being a Bits shop. I found really cute animal bath soaps and some great humour books for adults.
Aside from reading about celebrity gossip like Reese and Ryan's separation announcement and Paris's usual antics and starving celebrities, I also received a whole lot of free books yesterday and have been looking at them. I spent all afternoon sorting out books in the back from about 1pm - 6:30pm. I unpacked boxes, cleaned and priced them,shelved them, changed displays and carried books to the charity shop across the road. It was exhausting and over 100 books were culled or shelved in the process. I then moved a whole lot of books I keep to read at home (then later sell) and took home an uglyish bookshelf so I could unpack books and shelve them - it is one ugly bookshelf smack in my hallway but it does the job! :)
So you can imagine how tiring all that lifting, cleaning, shelving and carrying is and I still have a box to go in the back...
Phaidon Press is selling 20 city guides and I've just been looking at them on their site and want them! (go ahead - send them to me!) You can buy them here and send them to me!
Anyway while I was digging through I found this! A book about sex, drinking and smoking - all short stories by writers. Very interesting!
I was also given some excellent art and photography books and several bestsellers so was very pleased and all the shelves in the back are full. So that means I still have to sort, clean, price, shelve/cull.
In the meantime though; I am contacting suppliers, answering emails and reading... ( I need a break from carrying!)


  1. Am I the last person in the world to know that Reese and Ryan are separating?! The card sounds really cute, and so lovely of the school to get the kids to make something personally to say thank you!

  2. It is sweet; it's going on my door!