Wednesday, November 1

guest speaker...

I was invited as a guest speaker to spend the morning at a posh hotel; to talk to authors and illustrators about my shop and came away inspired by their knowledge, abilities and writing! They are all published authors, mostly children's books and spoke about their work, what's happening work wise and events they attended recently and it was very impressive! They all had such a passion and everyone chatted, laughed and listened to each other - there was something so perfect about it! It was an incredible two hours and in order to join this monthly group; you have to be a writer so...
I wrote notes and gained so much information about book and writing events round Sydney.
I want writers and authors in my shop next year and I have already set a date with the first writer for next year; I am hoping for more to come! She'll be coming in on a Sat morning to speak to kids, read to them and sell/sign her books.
I am thinking about going to more events; there is one in December and I am sure all kinds of things next year.
I have the shops' dinner tonight and have been looking up info, reading to a boy (with a runny nose! - what's with all the drippy kids?), helping a boy sort through the young adults section, ate a chicken kebab and rearranged the window display again!
I have just found lists of events for next year and want to get more involved somehow in things...


  1. Hi Ebbye, thanks for visiting my blog - not sure how you got there?

    Your comments about how wonderful this meeting was certainly makes one want to attend. If I write a blog, do I qualify? ;)
    I'm always on the prowl for interesting people to meet so please don't hesitate to send me further info about it or other stuff. Congratulations on your bookshop, glad it's working well.