Saturday, November 4

making friends...

A few weeks ago I signed up to My Space to blog about the shop as well; I am trying to promote and advertise the cheap way! It's hard to maintain two sites (I'm so lazy!) but I love how My Space lets you add friends, make comments, add pictures of what you are reading and it just is really user friendly. Over the last few days; I have been looking for Australian contacts so I can market and promote the shop; but it's really distracting and I seem to have wasted a lot of time just getting lost in it!
So here it is!
The shop was full of kids this morning and it was chaotic. There was a little boy running around pulling things off shelves and moving his chair, a Spanish boy running for the door every five seconds and a few cute girls asking incessant questions. Luckily Pops was visiting so i bought a coffee and slice of banana toast. As nice as the mom was; her son was a real goer running, pulling and pushing like a little hurricane and she didn't stop him! I think she is probably exhausted by running after him all the time and needed to sir; leaving me to clean up after the hurricane passed!

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