Tuesday, November 21

sunny day...

It's going to be hard to be indoors today! It's so sunny out; there are all beautiful people wandering around with their sunnies and skimpy clothes, men have their tops off, music is blaring in the cars going past - it's like a college music video! Grrr!
I spent about 20 mins trying to wake up even though I had dressed, showered and driven to work this morning, chatted with Pops, went to the bank, delivered some parcels (yep I do that as well!) and am finally settling down to work!

I seem to have a settled routine at the shop; but must admit it's not very productive so am now working out what needs to be done by when so I'll complete more in the day!
It's hard working on my own because I slack off (often read blogs/email friends/just read)
I spent about two hours yesterday reshelving books and changing the window display; it's heavy work but was so happy to finish because I have a habit of leaving the boxes at the back and ignoring them! My arms are all muscley!

Customers so far: 1
Tidied and swept: not yet!
Bank: Yes
Chatted to some of the shopkeepers: Oh Yes
Lazy: Can you tell?
Drinks consumed so far: 1 coffee, 1 banana smoothie
business emails received: 6
personal emails received: 7
invitations to dinner: 1
Boxes to put out: 0!
Work to do by end of day: load books onto Auctiva store...

Now that I have planned my day, read my emails, updated my blog, had a drink and messed about a bit... I have work to get on with (grrrr!)

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