Monday, November 20

parties, markets and books

Yes having to drag books back from the market and need to shelve them today! Luckily they're marked and cleaned and priced but sigh!
The market was great; my friend Jessie came with and stayed all day. We chatted to other people, ate, drank, were bored, played with the pub's IPod; met all these alternative people or hippies who were actually lovely and warm! I'm just thinking of Pops coming into this smelly pub with doc martins, coloured hair, tattoos, face piercings and full make up - I guess you have realised by now that this wasn't exactly the best place to sell second hand books! But it was a fun and interesting day and better that a lot of Saturdays I've had at work!
It's been a baby weekend with babies EVERYWHERE, well mainly the pubs i went to to have lunch and a leaving do!
I spent Sat night at a huge party watching people go off at the ravey music, had a big lunch with friends at the pub and later when to another pub to a friend's leaving last night! I am all pubbed and babied out. There were kids at lunch everywhere, spilling beers, picking up ciggie butts off the floor and just annoying people!
I am in between reading a great book The Witches of Chiswick which is this great far fetched fiction (their term) about a boy in the 23rd century who uncovers all the things that really happened in the 19th century. It's really dark humour and very yeah right; but the author makes all references to history and because this boy is obsessed with Victorian times; really goes into the 19th Century. It's funny and fantastic - please read it for a good laugh - at the book itself because it is so unbelievable while learning a little something!
I am also putting out books, helping customers and just finished the window display! I have about 100 books to go...


  1. Ebbye,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and complimenting my writing! I'm working on trying to tag along with my husband when he goes to Australia on business, next year (wish me luck). Now I know where to go beg for help finding the bookstores, if I'm ever in Sydney! ;)

    BTW, Your Planet or Mine? is definitely a different kind of romance!!! I highly recommend it!

  2. and I highly recommend reding this far fetched strange book i'm loving!