Friday, November 10

it's a sign...

I came in early today and was met with trucks parked in my work driveway, men banging pipes, drilling, hammering and all sorts of shouting chaos. I had to park my car (well hide it from wardens), make my way back and endure the banging! It's stopped now, a sign probably saying that if I go for breakfast one morning by the beach, walk and people watch - my customers won't disappear forever! And I will have hearing for longer! :)
I spent all of yesterday selling the stock I had ordered in! A little girl came in with her mom and stocked up on bookmarks and notebooks to give to her friends; then a woman came in and bought these tiny board books individual nursery rhymes - they are so cute!
I am wondering if that makes me a wonderful buyer or just a giant child myself?
I finally went out last night, to a networking thing in the city; it was good to be out and there and I love walking through the city, catching the train but it was dull. They were mostly accountants or IT or some finance related thing, all smartly dressed after work so I ended up chatting to graphic designers, schoolteachers and the friends I came with. We ended up in Bondi for dinner and I am glad we did - we met young guys there talking about toys in the toy shop he worked at! And he was a giant child; passionate about playing, hobby shops, building models at home! Far more interesting than stocks and bears! (or whatever)
I started reading Freakonomics yesterday; I love their blog and I started reading the children's book called Pea Brain - very cute!
I got a little distracted while typing this, reading emails, looking at the Freakonomics blog and drinking a freshly squeezed mixed fruit juice;what do you do when you first get in to work?


  1. When I first get to work I try and check a bunch of blogs!

  2. me too! Ihave to time myself so I don't get too distracted and then work the rest of the day!