Monday, November 6

I wish I knew the answer...

Since August I haven't know what to say or do!
So I followed all the business advice from and websites, looked at Westfield and their windows, phoned toy shops and card shops, bought in a lot of stock ( which cost a lot of money!) and tried to apply all the business advice to my own life! is fantastic. I think it not only teaches people to become good businessmen; I think it also tries to teach people to become more balanced, more temperate and more patient. I can certainly see the changes in my own customer service, I am more smiley and open, less cranky and impatient and it's just applying different techniques. It must sound so boring to you reading this; but it has made a huge difference to my shop.
But I don't know the answer; there is so much advice, so many methods and such alternate ways of running businesses that's it has been very hard for me to know which I should be following and turning into something viable.
Admittedly though the shop has become my life and I feel more married to it than ever before. I would love to be like the stereotype of a single girl. Let me see... out sipping cosmos every night, dating gorgeous men, receiving invites to cocktails parties, launches and friend's galleries and restaurants... but it's more like working, buying stock, looking for goodies in the shop, talking about the shop and doing the houseworky regular stuff at home! I'm talking ad nausea; the kind of thing that if you were watching a documentary about me and my life; you'd turn it off!
And it has been like this for 3 months and frankly I'm bored! I need to get out there again and take the advice I have been sorting through for the past three months. Yes! A small business owner DOES have to run a business but it doesn't mean not having a life (does it?!)
So I am looking forward to all your restaurant openings, launches, art exhibitions and invitations you are ALL no doubt sending to me now!
In the meantime, I do have a shop to run but things are going to change this week...

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