Saturday, November 25

no time...

to post today! I have been sitting down and standing up every 5-10 seconds; reading to kids, buying books, chatting to people, serving, answering questions...
Since about 10am I've :

read to four kids - one of which was this happy baby boy who laughed and gurgled and flung his legs about!
re arranged window display - had about 6 sales from the window
met the woman who I volunteer for and read to her two gorgeous kids -
helped a girl with her reading
went out for ten minutes and bought lunch while buying a bday present for sis
had a girl come in for about 20 mins while her dad was at the vet with their cat and she alphabetised the sci fi section - heaven
sold about 40 books
helped about 7 customers choose books
bought a lot of spell/dream books from a lady
only gripe is this lunatic (sorry) dressed in parachute pants and braces with writing all over his face and otherwise bare chest; who comes by and shouts about closing the shop every few weeks - he scares the kids and dogs

Oh and best site of the day: GuysRead
So that's three hours of sheer rushing about...

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