Monday, November 27

boxes, gripes - It must be Monday!

It's Monday morning and I have boxes of books to price, clean and shelve! Pops and I went to the book fair yesterday and bought over 300 books; I am looking through them, reading them, pricing them, shelving them - but very slowly!
While watching the final of CSI last night, I kept switching to Australian Idol and couldn't get over how much money they spent on fireworks, displays, lighting, sound and probably tickets. I was a bit disgusted by all the fireworks and hype which would have been better for the end of war or something more important than voting a singer in!

I have to find something to gripe about; I have far too many books to put out!
Last night I dropped two books as prizes for an after party and spent the rest of the day watching pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest. Is it my imagination or did the whole movie go on and on about a key and a chest and then stop abruptly at a cliff hanger?! I was very disappointed because I love Johnny Depp - but it just seemed like nothing happened the entire movie bar swashbuckling pirates sword fighting and lots of rum drinking.
The only problem is that we got some fantastic books and I look through them, read some of them, look at the blurbs, pop them in the window display and shelve them - so this will take me um 3/4 days.

work achieved so far: alphabetised the travel section
swept and tidied: yes
boxes complete: one a and bit
customers: 4
sales: ghastly
exercise: yes! thought I'd start with crunches!
beverages: skim flat white with honey
reading: FunnyValentine
best site of the day: don'tdatehimgirl

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