Friday, November 24

favourite; favourite!

I am too hot and bothered to write anything on this today; so I will leave you with Sue Townsend one of my favourite authors (authoresses?) and her books about Adrian Mole.
I am reading her latest; Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction and loving it so much; I'll be finished it by the end of the day! ( Of course I'll serve customers, have lunch, take breaks but it's too good and want to spend the day reading it!)
She is my favourite favourite and I have; let's look at the reviewers, devoured this infectious, comic, subversive, witty, sceptical, idiosyncratic, silly, hilarious and of course wickedly entertaining true hero for our time. Bought to you by the Times, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Daily Mirror and Sunday Times having their usual adjective competition!
But she is THAT good; I have read all her books and laughed out loud through each one; while learning about England through the eyes of (in my imagination) a really ordinary, average, intelligent and confused man. I laugh out loud at the way he takes things so literally and his innocence - because he comes across as a fool yet he isn't!
I am so glad that these books have never become a movie - because they are too good to be spoiled and she has also written Number Ten and The Queen & I which were equally um a delightful, enchanting, blissful, sarcastic and witty insight into English culture - my adjectives thrown in.
Please buy these and read them - I'm going to carry on...

Customers so far: about 15
Sales: 6 major ones!
Work achieved: updated blogs, promoted Books and Bits on Bronte on a website, helped 3 customers choose books
emails: all work ones again and newsletters from bookshops around Oz and Penguin
Beverages drunk so far: 1 x anorexic iced coffee, sugar free guarana drink
About to: have chicken and salad for lunch, decorate the shop and arrange some books
Books reading: Adrian Mole mentioned above
Weekend plans: book fair on Sunday
Christmas: going to place plastic Christmas tree things around shop later
Smiles: had a lovely and chatty guy come in looking for a book; he was so lovely and made me smile!
Gripes: a customer spent over two hours on the shop floor and didn't buy anything - but he was relaxed and stayed for a long time - something I have wanted people to do
Birthdays: sis's bday this weekend, so have a family dinner, her celebration and a family lunch to attend this weekend
best site I have found today: GiftFinder

After work last night; I went shopping for a display and Christmas things and discovered that things have suddenly taken a price hike; there are hundreds of Christmas everythings on display from Santas to crackers to cards to weird ornaments - all the retailers are going to be over this hype soon!

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