Saturday, November 11

being single...

Ok I'm going to push back feminism a hundred years here and say that being single is really annoying especially when I tried to open a jar of sugar free apple sauce this morning and tried cloths, sitting on the carpet and putting it back in the fridge before finally getting it open and then coming in to work and pumping up the fitness ball, with much swearing and losing the air things... it would be nice to have someone opening said items and being pampered over a little!
(and yes I'd do the same for them bar ironing, cleaning or grocery shopping!)
They recently launched we are what we do's book change the world for ten bucks and John Howard launched it emphasising how people live alone for longer (thanks Johnny!)
I logged on the site to tick off some actions and I switched everything off in the flat except my answering machine! Try it, and I have contacted the publishers to sell it in my shop.
I also found a site yesterday Train your Brain - to increase brain power by doing exercises everyday - lots of fun!
All this in the name of self improvement and the we are what we do organisation is all for Gandhi's Be the change you want to see in the world.
I don't mean to sound so preachy but I have been so down lately and all this has really helped, with friends rallying round, tickets to a U2 concert tonight - a birthday pressie from Mops and Pops and looking at what's important and beneficial to me.
I sold more of the new stock this morning; so I am very very happy with the shop and that the effort is paying off. I am sitting on my fitness ball contemplating a coffee and some toast and when I get back, there are books to put out and brain exercises to do...

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