Thursday, November 23

long days...

I'm sure it's the heat; but the days just seem to be dragging along!
I'm sleepy and glassy eyed and you know when you feel lethargic and not really bothered to do anything - well that's me today!
Since I started this post; I have been reading books to a baby boy, recommended Dry - Augusten Burroughs for the mom's Chrissy present for her husband and chatted to a man who has an office full of books and wants me to come by on the way to work to look next week!I have spoken to a few friends, spent time with Pops and the boy moodle from from the pet shop and just feel like I am underwater!
Now that Christmas is coming up; I spent the day ordering stock and looking through QuirkBook's
amazing website; they have incredible quirky and funky books - which i plan to order in as soon as possible; it's all about gifts!
There are two girls from Switzerland in here asking for easier books to read so I showed them the Young Adults' section and they're looking through all the teen books; they seem very thrilled! They found summer romances and summer sizzlers all about 15 year old girls/boys on holiday meeting and kissing for the first time - awww!

Customers: Pops had about twenty in this morning; I've had 7
Sales: 6 this afternoon
Gripes: someone asking me if the journals are second hand; despite being individually wrapped in plastic! Oh! and a second hand journals with writing it would probably be sold as an expose, true crime or a girl's fantasy erotica book.
Work for the day: planning for Christmas; after work will go spying on other shops but plan on doing a glass display with all the products on it - I'm feeling sophisticated this year!
Babies: 1
Beverages: 1 strange lemon drink which has aloe, rhubarb, ginseng, FO-TI and CH'I in it! I know that sounds disgusting but it just tastes like sweet lemon to me and apparently all that stuff just heals infections/wounds, increases brain power and lowers blood sugar - hmmm
Cleaned and Tidied: no
Emails: all work and from other shops
Thoughts: too hot to have any...

I am going to keep drinking this lemon drink in the hopes that it will inspire me with Christmas ideas and work out all the orders I need to make, books I need to buy and things I need to organise by the second week of December - any suggestions would be most welcome!

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