Tuesday, October 31


I have been loved, and that's something everyone should have once in their life.
I have been loved."
Cue sobbing and sobbing and sobbing; the final of Grey's was all about love and being loved, friendship and throwing a prom in the hospital (oh and cheating) - while I was thinking, which hospital throws a prom while there are sick and dying people upstairs; I was actually too busy sobbing!
Bar the cheating; I agree it's the one thing that any person could relate to, isn't it?Just one universal word - love.That line rendered me senseless and I just HAD to go to bed!
This single loveless book shop owner was woken up by 5am in a very original way; Hemingway jumped fully clawed on my head; I think that's why pet owners are less prone to heart attacks and high blood pressure; we get shocked like that and our bodies become more immune to it.
I got up and drove to Bondi Junction and have had about three coffees; while giving money to breast cancer at a Council Pink Ribbon Breakfast. We were served all things pink, berries, juice, watermelon and flowers so it was an interesting start! There was even someone playing classical music - aaaa :)
SusanneGervay spoke; she was hysterical, she said a speech about having breast cancer, being a single mom, facing challenges and finding value through writing fiction for young adults and also spoke to her brother during the speech and said, That's right Thomas! You called me fat! I was in hysterics and really needed that after watching Grey's last night!
I asked her to come and speak to kids in my shop; so that's something to look forward to! I also bought two of her books, signed, for the shop.
She's also involved in this hotel; which offers events for writers and authors! Oooo!
So it seems like it was good that I was up so early! (Thanks Hemingway!)
I also opened an hour earlier and mopped, swept the shop, wiped down the seats, sprayed the shop, polished the desk; it smells really clean in here and then I opened up!

Since then I have read to a child with a dripping nose (ewww), wiped his nose and then was handed tissues to wipe mine, sold a few art books, recommended Anita Shreve's books, been to the bank and am in the middle of drinking my fourth coffee - I'll be flying soon!
I started reading The Ballroom on Magnolia Street by Sharon Owens - I really enjoyed her first book; it's like talking to a good friend, someone whom you are really comfortable with and includes all the intriguing details and gossip; she's a great Irish writer and I needed something easy and enjoyable to read. Sharon Owens is a story teller and she writes about ordinary lives and people who you could relate to (and fall in love or become friends with!)
So although I have piles of books to put out in the back, and to clear some shelves; I think I'll just finish my coffee and read on...


  1. Hey chick ;-)

    Do you know a cheap backpackers around -- i need a place to stay 4 one night after my byron bay trip...!!(in january)

    ((Im in sydney for a week staying with mom & grandparents but then i go up the coast and when i come back my mom(and the room) will be gone...))


  2. I'm sure you can stay at me for the night silly girl!