Tuesday, November 28

summer is here...

my friends are phoning from the beach or the shopping centres, meeting boys, having coffee, mooching about and telling me they're hot and bored! Sheesh!
I have spent the morning mooching about the shop, sending emails, speaking to friends and decorating a black tinsel tree with pink baubles for the kid's table. I figure that I'm Jewish, though the shop still needs to be decorated so I've moved into the dark Christmas theme. Mind you the pink on the black looks fantastic on a pink table surrounded by books - I reckon it looks fantastic!
I spent about 30 mins trying to stop a little two year old girl pulling books off the shelve and paging through them - kids love the shop now! There are so many bright toys, books, games and it's so comfy - I'm very happy with it all!
I still have a tree to decorate, books to choose for kids and boxes to put out so I'm going to get on with it!

work to do: decorating, boxes (6 to go!)
emails: all newsletters from book shops, networking groups etc promoting Christmas specials
customers: 6 so far
sales: 2 great ones!
emails: all email marketing ones - must sort out mine by the end of the week
weather: very very hot, I think everyone on holiday is shopping or at the beach
gripes: I want a shop puppy (sis this is YOUR job!)
reading: LucyTalk - I love the way Fiona Walker writes, Lucy is ditsy and oblivious and the book is not exactly a classic literary must read - it's like chatting to a friend, comforting, funny, easy and amusing - just what I needed after putting out books all afternoon yesterday!
achieved: decorated shop, front window, put some great books out and shop looks full and brilliant! The bonus is people can ACTUALLY find the travel books that they are looking for.
best find at book fair: BrainFitness - it's a book for achieving pretty much everything:excellent memory, longer life, mental alertness, physical fitness! I have started brain exercises for the fear that now I'm 30; I will have dementia, cellulite and lonely nights to look forward to but this book guarantees to control mood swings, fight disease, sharpen your intelligence - I think I'm going to give it a try!
best site so far:LoveOfReading

Pops has just come to visit and spent some time with the puppy across the road; while I went to pick up some cleaning stuff for the shop and to the bank! It's hot and I would love some help getting the boxes sorted out quicker... sigh.

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