Monday, October 16


It's like being in a new shop!
The shelves are done, the children's section is sectioned off and I have been moving books around all morning! My friends and Mops and Pops helped move and carry armfuls of books and after about 5 hours of work and plenty of suggestions and sensible ones - it's all been moved!
I came in this morning and cleared the back, added more shelves, swept and made nice big signs for all the specials dotted around. My arm feels a bit tender and I'm feeling sleepy but it's done! :)
I won't go into details about pushing shelves, cleaning dust, moving a section three times and the fact that at one point there were books EVERYWHERE yesterday; but surprisingly enough I came in an hour earlier this morning and it didn't take long to sort and sweep.
There are pics coming and I was lucky enough to have a friend's strong boyfriend who moved books like they were feathers and a close friend who oversees major shop designs and her suggestions, comments and ideas really helped and I can see that they are working now!
She was all about attracting attention, impulse buys, she arranged my desk and she walked in and out a few times to feel the look and put the most important things at the door! It's really been worth the effort and dusts and lifting books and pushing shelves - OUCH! While I was waiting for more helpers yesterday; I had lunch with sis and some of her friends, then a friend joined us for brunch, another two friends joined me for lunch and then a few friends came for coffee! I was at the place for over two hours! I love Mayfields; I had a strawberry and orange juice, two large coffees and a breakfast bruschetta with poached eggs, mushrooms, spinach and rocket; I figured I'd need it!
After we felt that we were exhausted and plainly not able to do any more, a friend and I spent the rest of the day at Cafe Bondi watching people, meeting other friends and just chilling, books weigh a ton! Then she went home and I joined another friend at Beach Road but it was cold and awful and I just came home after and hour and was in bed by 9pm!
And this morning I came in and it feels so wonderful in here :) I'm now thinking of a window and an armchair for the back...
Phew! and Wow!


  1. Sounds fantastic!! Well done for all your efforts E, I'm sure it's made a huge difference to the shop, and it's great that you did it!