Tuesday, October 17

a bad start!

When I got to work this morning; I looked around my gorgeous shop and I was so pleased until opened my email and found that someone had signed into my eBay account and listed 13 items for sale that don't exist, that I don't have and were not authorised by me!
I don't know about you but that wasn't a good start to the day; it took over 4 hours to sort it out, by emailing them, listing the items, changing passwords, confirming whatevers and finally finally speaking to someone over there. It put a bit of a damper on the day and I feel like an idiot as well; I hate or would hate to be seen as a fraudulent seller. So much of eBay is based on faith!
But during emailing eBay and the back and forth; I had the rest of my stationary delivered, watched a batman (bat boy?) run through the shop and knock over the entire window display - oops!
I have had two very aggressive pram driving moms in here, you know the type, they just push their prams and knock over whatever is in their way! It's quite scary to watch and I think extremely aggressive, one of the mothers just pushed all the stools with the pram and knocked into the shelves and the card racks.
Most of the people who have been in today have complimented the shop and commented on the goodies; which makes me feel really good about trying something new and its impact!
I started reading smallisland this morning; it's excellent! It won two huge literary prizes and I am not surprised; it's the kind of book which makes you want to read it and not stop until the end. Andrea Levy researches people coming from Jamaica to England and it seems to be very close to her own family history; her parents moved from Jamaica to England and Andrea grew up with some of the experiences she fictionalises through the characters in her book. It really is brilliant and sad and funny and warm and true all at the same time. I long to write like this!
While reading, contacting eBay, rearranging the window display (obsessed? Me?!) and doing the usual shop girl stuff; I also found an email marketing site and have begun designing some of the things I lost. I am doing a newsletter with the latest books in the shop and a recommended book list with links - such fun!
Oh usual shop girl stuff is sweeping, drinking coffee, putting books in their places, moving stools back,rearranging shelf displays, putting great books in people's line of view and answering emails! I love the first hour of my day when I drink coffee and email, then it's time to work!
I designed some bright red business cards with the shop's new name - Books and Bits on Bronte; not official yet but soon...

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