Saturday, October 14

adding Bits...

It's all about the Bits or my Bits or coming and celebrating my Bits with me... I can have a lot of fun with Bits!
I have finished redesigning my eBay shop here it is! And I have designed business cards, installed software and a search tool and I seem to be fixated on reds and blacks today; they really look funky and stick out!
There has been a girl in here for the past 20 minutes and we have been sitting at the fairy table and reading; her mom owns a gym - I think that's a sign! She tried to get her to buy a skipping rope so she can exercise but ended up buying her a mobile phone toy, a diary and an invisible pen all in pink and a cute rhyming book!
Earlier on there was the most gorgeous guy in here buying a cookbook for his friend's girlfriend - hmmm; so I helped him:)
Pops came in and we discussed all the Bits and the moving and the window display; I have so many ideas and plans and what I want to do, but I am very slow on the ACTUALLY doing anything!
Have a look at these Disney books! I started reading Peter and The Starcatchers this morning and while it seemed to have very familiar themes with pirates and orphans and treasure and things I have read before - it's quite engrossing and heartwarming! Disney and Hyperion Books are showcasing these ones and they are bestsellers in New York. I loved the cover which is why I strarted reading it and its similar to Peter Pan... Weirdly enough the follow up book does have a Tinker Bell character.
Then I found a copy of TheGiftofAsherLev the follow up to one of my favourite books My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok. This is when Asher is married with a son and he revisits Brooklyn and his part and has to once again confront his talent and his art against his religion. Or so the blurb says!
It's a boiling day here 38 or so degrees, so people are sensibly staying indoors or shopping at air conditioned places or is they are mad (or tourists) frying at the beach!
I'm reading and helping a regular stream of customers and designing things...

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