Tuesday, October 24

we have a winner!

And she automatically receives the book!

I have received a wedding invite for the end of the year; I'm considering going - it's in Cape Town; how could I not?!
It's time to get onto the next step of changing everything about myself and it's exercise! I've been talking about it and blogging it and looking at gyms and feeling bad about not doing it - it's enough. I keep saying that I don't have time and I need time; but I have time to read and meet friends and do things I REALLY want to do; so I've arrange to walk with a friend tonight, have spoken to a few friends about exercising with me on weekends AND I'm going to pay for a small gym membership later today!
I have arranged to volunteer with a telephonic literacy programme for migrants, it starts tomorrow and I just need to get there somehow, it's in the middle of the day...
I am reading three books, one is a self helpy sort of book about living alone and loving every second of it (I'm skeptic!) The one thing is it does delve into negative thought and NLP; I am really intrigued by reprogramming all thoughts and putting a positive slant on things. Barbara Feldon also looks at how much solitude someone can tolerate before they reach distress and the negative thoughts start. I do it! I go out and I'm okay with friends and then I get home and berate myself for being single and not having an exciting story to tell...
The weird thing is that the author also mentions how things just fell into her lap when she was being negative and depressed and the one thing which helped her was a dialogue an Indian guru was having with someone and interrupted the person with "Simply stop it!"
I found this book in a pile of dusty books while I was tidying the back and happened to open the chapter on negative thought. So that book is called livingaloneandlovingit! Okay I am a bit skeptical with some of the advice, I don't really want to eat out alone, or join clubs it all sounds a bit middle aged to me; but I do want to look at my levels of solitude and when I start getting negative and do something about it! That's where the exercise and friends come in.
The other book I'm reading is part of a series Grace introduced me to and I love it; it's a ditsy beautician/journalist wannabee named Bubbles with a Polish background who gets herself into all sorts of weird crimes, mysteries and murders and gives recipes for masks, facials, hair etc. As a book it's a great mix of crime with beauty tips and she is just this lovely ditsy girly lead character.
I'm in the middle of thisone! but they are all similar in style and it's rubbish and unrealistic, but really enjoyable!
And then I'm still reading Book Lover and am up to the part where she goes to her local book shop to pursue a guy who works there; there's hope for me that someone is doing the same thing with me in mind...
I have just had a customer in and we noticed the cards prices are er gone; so I'm going to whack some prices on. I also have stands to find, cards and books to consider buying and someone in here making a purchase...


  1. You're always soooooooo busy!! I never can find enough hours in the day.

  2. I wish! I am going through a whole negative self slander thing; so have decided to pull myself out before someone gets hurt! :)