Wednesday, October 25

me and my mouth...

I am always getting lectured by my friends about how honest I am and that I am always opening my mouth and saying things and it has a negative result in my personal life; the men just run away!
But it seems to have the opposite affect in business!
Over the 19 months (wow!) that I have been here; I have met and spoken with all the shop keepers in the area. And I do tend to open my mouth and spoke up against a handy man who quoted me an unbelievably high and ludicrous amount of money to change the window in the shop!
As a result one of the shop keepers gave me the number of a decent handy man - who came in yesterday and laughed at my drawings of my vision of the shop front, told me he had heard what the other man wanted to charge me and he wanted to make a deal that it would be nowhere near that amount...
The same thing happened with a girl who came into the shop and we were talking about the changes I was making and I mentioned that I couldn't find inexpensive funky furniture which didn't cost me all my wages. Not only did she give me a contact to a furniture auction, she also recommended her rep who does cards and journals which she thought would sell well in here!
So it seems that I need to open my mouth and be honest in a business context; my friendships I have developed with the shop keepers have resulted in shopping nights, numbers of handy men and the newsagent recommending MY shop for kids books and toys!
So clearly business people like my honesty and the fact that I am who I am and that I do have a tendency to put my foot in it (I won't tell the story on here but will email you - it's funny!); but it hasn't translated to men and relationships and my family are probably sick of my moods and my comments and I do tend to embarrass people.
What to do?!
Last night I went for an hour's walk after and I am determined to change my negative thinking; it reflects on so much else in my life! We chatted and giggled and spoke rubbish while we walked! It felt great!
I have had two annoying customers in already; complaining about the cards who are now priced but the envelopes are missing! Sheesh!

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  1. Hi E - I think you should definitely go to Cape Town - what a great idea! Gina & Grant would be thrilled!! I also wanted to go but just can't afford it since I'm coming to visit you 2 weeks later!!

    Tell me the funny story about you putting your foot in it - I can just imagine!!
    Great that you're getting on so well with all the other shopkeepers around and that good things are coming out of it, that's fantastic!