Monday, October 23

Book lover...

I have just started this novel by Jennifer Kaufman & Karen Mack - I love the title! They list authors, poets and book titles through the book and I am priding myself on the fact that I know them or have read the books - but the book is actually a read in between the lines perspective about a woman who is depressed and escapes by staying at home and reading. I am enjoying this because the two authors love books themselves and Dora is someone most of us can associate with, she's sad and she struggles and she loves reading in the bath! Try this!
It's a Monday so I am a little too relaxed, I swept and mopped the floor, it looked really dirty, wiped down the chairs and sprayed this oxygen spray everywhere (meant to be a bottle of fresh oxygen burst - it DOES smell good!), so the shop's clean.
I feel a bit bad because I was meant to clean up my apartment and do all the house stuff, you know the chores that exhaust you and never seem to make much difference; but I ended up spending the day looking at furniture for the shop and meeting friends at Cafe Lorenzini for a yummy brushetta. And the day just went! We went to two more cafes, got takeaways, walked around and went home when it got too freezing to stay out!
At least the guilt is keeping the shop clean!


  1. That huge sign would be funny - "yes, really - you don't have to ask!"
    Or you could say "$1 dollar each, or two for $2 - your eyes are not deceiving you!!"

    How funny that people ask you that!

  2. I know it drives me mad!
    Congratulations you seem to be the winner!