Wednesday, October 18


My day consists of things.
Like shifting arts books and business books into the right sections, chatting to three police people in the shop about The Bill, moving books and redesigning the top section of the shelves so no matter where you walk in the shop; there's an interesting book in front of you and changing all the price stickers and marking them up so people can actually see them in the window.
While moving things around I started looking at a book called WhatIDidn'tLearnAtSchoolButWishIHad I thought it would be about science, maths and education but it's about saving yourself from debt, investing, money, cash flow and properties etc - I can't seem to get into it but do recognise its value. It really is a layman's guide to becoming a millionaire, making excellent money decisions and setting yourselves and your kids up for a good and profitable future.
Jamie McIntyre achieved all this after being in debt and crashing on a friend's couch and applied all the tips and strategies into his own life and became a millionaire in his twenties. It's amazing what one person can do!
There's an article in here about 4 women who went and made a small difference somewhere in the world; I'd love to go and teach children somewhere in Africa like one of them did. I really love African children who are really warm and laugh a lot and hug and I remembered when I did a voluntary teaching thing when I lived in Joburg that they really want to learn! I miss it there! And I am feeling the pull more and more, especially now that my cousins have had a baby girl and we lost someone very important.
As you have probably gathered from this, it's been a quiet week and grey and miserable since Sunday! I hate this weather and I think other people do as well sensibly staying indoors or going to movies or drinking coffee in a warm place...
One of the police men and I chatted for ages about The Bill and how they coincidentally all know each other; he reckons it's the best police programme on TV. I think it's a soap opera and quite boring, give me Grey's everyday especially that they tackle thematic issues each week and Monday night's one was about love and when you behave like a bit of a psycho because of love. There's also the question of what would you do for someone you love and how far would you go (I think there is a very thin line between loving someone madly and going mad!) I personally wouldn't potentially kill someone or force someone to be with me; so at least I have confirmed that I am actually perfectly normal :)
And now it's back to doing things; ooo and selling crime fiction maybe this grey miserable weather is putting people into murderous moods!?

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