Thursday, October 19

do shards of glass float?!

I have broken 6 glasses in the kitchen lately so I assume there are bits glass everywhere still; this morning I was walking around barefoot and I felt a shard of glass in my foot. It was so tiny but so painful, I couldn't find where to pull it out...ouch! Then I made myself the yummiest sugar free hot chocolate and while I was drinking it I felt that there was still bits of glass in the mug; do they float?! They are tiny tiny fragments barely discernible to the eye but I was sitting in a sunny spot on the couch and they were glinting through the hot chocolate! Weird!
I left the house and went to Gusto for a glass free coffee instead!
I have the past two hours re arranging more sections in the shop and have finally cleared the books off the floor in the back and onto spare shelves until there is room to get them out! What a relief, it's only taken four days! :)
My sis gave me a bag of books last night from her book club, really good ones which some have already gone to my parents and brother in law so I still have THAT bag to get out! It's great being surrounded by books and having so many books; they're just heavy to move and rearrange.
I moved the Ancient History to a bottom shelf and they are all old clunky hardbacks! The best thing about all this moving and rearranging has been learning all the titles of the books and seeing the books I didn't even know I had in. There are shelves which are blocked by the door when its open and now that those books I've been moved; I have looked at them and their titles and I have a better knowledge of the stock!
Pops is away so I have done the banking, the cheques and will be doing the accounting for the next week or so...fills me with fear that! I hate making mathematical mistakes, it reminds me how bad I was at it at school!
ShouldYouLeave caught my eye. It's written by a psychiatrist and he delves into relationships, why people choose who they choose and also he explores advice and how advice affects relationships, affects choices and why people ask for advice. He goes into depression, marital counselling and analyses intimacy - looks intriguing!
So far this morning this shop girl has chatted with three guys at Gusto, who were extremely positive and chilled out and they put me in a great mood, I have been wolf whistled by a construction worker sitting on a bench (it's an obligatory thing - I am sure it's on their job profile), swept the shop, carried books around the shop, packed the books I sold on eBay for the buyer (yay!) and am now going to carry on pricing...