Wednesday, October 4

starting to sell

I finally have my first auction up at my Auctiva shop and will be slowly putting the rest up!
I have spent the morning mopping, I spilt something on the floor, a little girl weed on the floor (ewww!) so the shop has been mopped twice and smells of lemon jif!
My Israeli friend is doing an assignment on the shop; so a group of uni students have been designing a website and coming up with links. I have set up an eBay shop, bought in stationary, notebooks and cards from Finmark and have a rep coming in this Friday with his range.
The shops are all having our monthly dinner tonight so I am looking forward to the cheap and yummy Thai food on offer; they serve HUGE plates of noodles, fresh veggies, rice and beef for $6 and it is always fresh and delicious!
In the past fortnight; I have drawn (hmmm) plans for the shop, bought some new things in, contacted about 20 wholesalers, changed the shelves and this morning I had a school kid alphabetise the sci fi section! Over the school holidays, she'll be coming in to alphabetise (as you all know it's my weak point!) and she also rearranged the cooking's nice to have someone doing that. And she enjoys it!
I have taken pics of the new stock and all the sections today which have changed and will have them up here by next week. It's all happening!
I am reading Salem Falls and it is excellent, about how a young beautiful teenager can lie about a relationship with an older man and how the law is inclined to believe her because she is considered an innocent and a child; therefore the man must have done what he did. Jack St. Bride has experienced two accusations by teen girls despite leaving his job and home; arriving in another state and town and having to go through the same thing again. Poor man!
Someone has just bought a fish book mark :)
I have about 10 people in the shop, looking at the stationary, buying crime fiction, wandering about...

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