Tuesday, October 3


Sigh... I have just finished putting out some books, dusting the keyboard (it was filthy!) doing a sweep and looking through some interesting books I plan to read! I have chosen Jodi Picoult's Salem Falls. I love her writing, she's written about love, rape, murder, kidnapping, abuse, whales through the eyes of both genders (and whales!). She writes about all the issues in fiction with subjects which seem so controversial like in my Sister's Keeper which was all about ethics of conceiving a younger sister as a genetic match...
It's Tuesday and in summary I have had lunches and coffees with various friends, watched a horror with Danny De Vito called Godsend, made an exotic salad of pears, pomegranates, rocket, pine nuts, snow peas and this cracker mix with turmeric all mixed with olive oil for a family thing, gossiped with friends, went for several long I have to exercise walks, gave friends lifts, relaxed with a friend at Beach Road Hotel, visited grandparents, walked some more, relaxed and read in the park by the harbour and watched Grey's.
I feel very relaxed; I love having a full weekend off!
So I am trying to plan the week ahead, answer emails, am craving a coffee, need to sort out things and carry on rearranging the shop - it is looking great! Here is an old pic above before I changed some of the sections and moved most it around; once it's all done, I'll take some new ones to post on here!
My friend is going back to the UK so we are all meeting for yum cha this Sunday and another friend is coming home this weekend - she's been on holidays for a few weeks (sigh!) and my other friend should be back too; so it's going to be plans for the rest of this week and a big Sunday ahead.
I am still responding to all my emails; I have people clicking on to my website who are after books (most of which I have never heard of!) and had a guy in here asking for Locke (no), Freud (no) and Darwin's Origin of the Species (errr no) I'm sorry mate; I think people like to keep those ones and re read them or stand them in their bookshelves. Sigh.
Time for a coffee...

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