Wednesday, October 11

I am such a computer baby..

I am just finishing up all the stuff I need to catch up on now that I'm without laptop! But I have learnt a few things in the last three days!
I'm a computer baby so I get bored very easily and a computer is a great way to avoid getting things done. And I find all the information I want and need so quickly, contact all the contacts, connect with people and do all my work on there - so am feeling withdrawal symptoms (and the horror of having lost so much work - a year's worth of work - arrrgghh!
I have spent more time in the shop listening to and helping customers, spent more time with some kids today and have gained an excellent knowledge of all the kids books and young adults books in their sections.
I um also have started reading books and putting them down, I read half of Irvine Welsh's Porno before I realised I was struggling with the Scottish dialect and wanted to read something light and chick lit like Husbands - Adele Parks. I also picked up the Myths and Legends about Gardens, a self help book called The Surrendered Single (NO!) That's all I can say about this book - it really seems a bit too much for me and implying that women have to be wooed and pursued by men and that men need to THINK that they are doing all the chasing, phoning and asking out even when the surrendered single guides them gently towards certain situations!? I put that book down after perusing a few chapters and quotes because I am frankly not the gentle or guiding type and I can't keep my mouth closed :)
It seems that I felt that I was also getting somewhere with my logo design, my contacts with suppliers, my email marketing campaigns and now the challenge is to design a better logo, to find better prices and start anew!
I also realised that I have spent a lot of time sweeping and cleaning the shop, rearranging sections and the window and generally looking through all the books - it's been good!
I have the morning off and it's going to be a big one, I have tables to find, rods and displays to look at, coffee to drink and a walk to fit in before work :)
I also realised I have atually been phoning my friends rather that emailing them or sending them invites...

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