Thursday, October 12


I have my laptop back and up and running thanks to Pops, my brother in law and Telstra Bigpond! Now I'm thankful that I have online invites and the addresses stored on their programme because I have some email addresses saved but all the rest is all gone! So hint, hint, please email me all your details again! :)
I have spent a good part of the afternoon trying to work out what I've lost and need again... but either none of it is really important or it will come to me how important something is at 4am one night and I'll flip out!
I drove to all kinds of places to find things for the shop this morning and I got lost! I took pics of displays and tables and chairs and shelves and glass thingies and non of it was quite right! After two hours I was in Bondi Junction and was sort of winding down and getting hot and frustrated when I came across the perfect kids's table, the perfect size for the shop and I was thrilled. The man who sold it to me was a real honey; I asked him to measure it and I didn't want the chairs and he was just lovely to me. It's in the shop now, it matches the kiddies chairs perfectly and will really stand out when we've finished moving around all the shelves on Sunday! So it turned out that I didn't have to drive or park or wander about and waste all that time this morning; the most perfect table was in front of me all along - I think this translates into other areas of my life! I'm bored and I find myself incredible boring! I need to stop bringing my work home and talking about work and I need to do what all the yummy mummies seem to do all day; hairdressers, exercise, nails, coffees while lugging their children about. I saw a woman today with three kids, a cup of coffee in her hand, great body, perfect hair, fully groomed and I thought what's my excuse? Oh besides work!?
I realised that since July I have been really focused on the shop and all its changes but the rest of my life has gone a little downhill! I need to

1) get some exercise
2) stop boring my friends!
3) do something about my nails
4) cut and colour my hair
5) clean out all the rubbish in my flat

um and most importantly get out more so I can talk and gossip like I used to do...

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  1. dont worry chick!

    Just spend more time doing cool stuff!
    Like go to the hairdressers now and then and spoiling yourself!

    Cant believe ill be there in 3 months .. how wierd!