Tuesday, October 10

getting there!

I am so glad I have a slow internet connection at home, to check my emails, put sales on eBay and do all the work stuff albeit later in the evening when I am completely exhausted!
The connection keeps dropping out and I am tired so there are spelling mistakes but my Auctiva site is getting there - booksfor sale! The weird thing is I saw the mistakes and corrected them on eBay but they didn't refresh on the Auctiva site - still I have many more books to put up and start selling and I will have better descriptions, books and no spelling mistakes!
I am such a computer baby so in lieu of not having a laptop I swept and cleaned the shop, talked to more people, read to more kids, went shopping for shop essentials, ate, drank 3 cups of coffee and read a Maggie Alderson book! I bought some books, helped some really nice 9 year old girls choose a pressie for the friend and played with their little sister and just had a nice non surfing the computer looking up info sort of day! Oh and I walked more so YES laptops make me lazy!
Then I went grocery shopping, fed Hemingway, came home, did all my work stuff and am now completely exhausted!

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