Friday, October 13

Fri 13th!

I was born on Friday 13th and it's always always been a good day!
Admittedly I have spent the beginning of it having bad luck! Hemingway broke a glass this morning; I have a bit of a vitamin obsession and was trying to glug down a glass of Multi-V juice (yummy!) He jumped up on the counter on the glass which smashed onto my knee and cut it! Scarily enough that's the 6th glass in as many weeks and the mirror a few months back - I have a lifetime of bad luck ahead!
Then the cupboard man finally arrived after I had decided that he wasn't coming and started bathing Hemmy - who scratched my fingers to bits ouch!
But after putting on African beats music and a shower it's been a great day ever since! :)
I have tried to redesign business cards, redid the email campaign, got my contacts onto Outlook - everything seems to take so long! It's been a full day of customers, enquiries and sales and been chatting to some really cheerful people! It's been excellent so far!
Just reading Husbands which was purely belter (love that expression!) - really easy and so enjoyable! and now am looking at all the health and diet books I bought off a lady yesterday; she sold me The Biggest Loser book with loads of pictures of before and afters, a guy doing exercises while grinning at the camera and all kinds of believing in yourself tips. I just don't like those kind of books!
After having so many of those kind of books on the shelves there have been a few discussions about diet and food and exercise and had a delicious dinner with Veggie last night; she made haloumi salad and Turkish toast - yummy!
Then another friend and I discussed getting toned and healthy - I need to do a lot more than just talking about exercise though and once I have sorted what I need to do on Sunday - I plan to go to gym! Start taking bets!There are about 5 GI books now in my kitchen and they all say the same thing; eat in moderation and they seem to have a Zen attitude towards food and life - I like it!
I am going to get some lunch and carry enjoy this sunny cheerful weather...

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