Monday, October 9

after hours...

I am having a post work pre dinner work session - I'm doing all the things I needed to do at work today; without the use of a laptop! Sigh.
But I managed to get a lot done anyway! I finished re alphabetising the sci fi shelf, put books out, spoke to all my customers, started randomly reading a few books and putting them down, read Snow White and Cinderella to three kids and did all the none computer related things I could think of! I took photos of books I'm going to be selling online through eBay and my Auctiva shop; I did a nice little book fashion shoot - now I have to list them and load them up!
I have just got back from my sis's place and have sent out an sms imploring strong people to join me on Sunday with moving shelves around the shop; free snacks and drinks were mentioned!
Then I got home half an hour ago and cleaned as I promised Hemingway (he seems very pleased!), watched my new neighbours shout in Spanish at each other at the balcony - whether they were actually fighting or just speaking passionately and loudly - I am not quite sure!
I spent a huge majority of my weekend watching DVDs, a movie and eating with friends - we had one of the nicest and laziest days I have had in ages!:)
I did throw in a walk in the sun and breakfast with my cousin but the rest of it was spent blissfully gossiping and eating and watching rubbish! I felt really refreshed this morning apart from the lack of a computer and forcing myself to attend to alphabetisisng and cleaning the shop rather than blogging and doing eBay stuff!
I think I am going to figure out what's for dinner in my freezer tonight; I have chicken and berries hmmm...

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