Saturday, October 7


I have been thinking about Bits ever since Pops suggested calling all the cards and stationary and everything else we are slowly getting in here as Bits. Books and Bits on Bronte has a great ring to it! Don't you think?
Now it's time to look for clever people who know how to play with metal rods and wood and have strong arms to move stuff around - I don't have any of the three!
I started reading this morning while waiting for a system error on my computer to clear; it's amazing that no matter how technical computers are, it's just a matter of restarting the computer a few times, putting it into safe mode, doing a virus check, did a bit of a clean up and hey presto! It's working :) and faster too!
I spent the rest of yesterday inviting some friends to Good Food Month's SpringPicnic, and did it by sending online invites with instant replies through a greeting card company! For some reason my usual evite invitations wouldn't open the address book. I'm quite lazy in that way; I prefer email and sms and online invites!
This morning I had a princess in here, literally. She was wearing a pinky outfit, with a crown with Princess in silver and pink sparkly shoes and her mom even called her Princess! So I read a bang on the door book to her called littleprincessjoinsin! Very cute!
I'm reading SecretsOfTheTsilCafe a novel about a family who cooks and their son Wes who experiences his family's love of food and cooking from sleeping in the kitchen as a baby, to experiencing and eating all sorts of food to becoming an excellent cook himself. It's all spicy food and hot peppers and it has amazing recipes... it's an unusual book, quite weird actually, its cover is chilli red, the recipes are making me hungry and the story is full of passion - this was read in between switching the computer off and on (in a fiery sort of way!)
I had a rep in here as well and ordered some more bits for the shop; and then spent the rest of the day looking at and for toys... I really enjoyed looking at all the options but seemed to have hit overload and can't think or see straight anymore!
It's nearly the beginning of my weekend; I plan to see a movie, catch up with a friend who is back, have brekky and lunch plans, have a walk, clean the house (yep you heard me!) and do everything else I can cram in one day!
It seems to be a crime fiction morning, I have sold several Reginald Hills, a Dan Brown and a Karin Slaughter, I think people are getting into the beach and summer reading...

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