Thursday, September 21

window display...

I have just finished redoing the window display; here's a pic of the window and what it usually ends up looking like... I have popped some bestsellers, a science book, a couple of crime fictions, a few kids books on the lower shelves so the kids can see them and books on Sydney and travel guides.
I have just swept and mopped the shop and am helping the Israeli with his assignment. We went to Beach Road last night and stayed all of 20 minutes; I was so bored!
I accompanied Jubes to his hairdresser straight after work and chatted to him and had a chicken was just great to hang with different friends, take a walk and not go home straight after work!
Yesterday a couple bought in 3 huge boxes filled with books and gave them to me; Pops spent the morning widening the crime fiction shelf and I have spent the day doing the window and changing books around, buying books and throwing some things that didn't look too great away!
Then I mopped and mopped and swept and dusted and now it looks all shiny and clean :)
It's amazing how there is always work to be done and how if I wanted to; there is plenty for me to do and arrange.
I haven't even read today or emailed or anything... just unpacked boxes and cleaned all day! Oh and I have a puppy on my lap while tidying this; i am giving a tiny English staffy girl a break from her cage across the road! She is beautiful...
I spent the morning doing shop stuff, like organising things to bank and post, had a coffee, went to look at other book shops and books and just had a good 2 hour walk before coming in.
I am planning on another walk later and to meet up with a friend and in the meantime, I have a box to get through....

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  1. Great Pics E - I love them!!
    So jealous you get to look after little pups - how sweet!