Friday, September 22

Since this pic was taken in July...

I have been to about 8 book fairs, read about 15-20 books, re arranged entire sections of the shop (Thanks to Pops and all his help!), had two specials, one sale, bought hundreds of books, participated in a large advertising booklet and mail drop, been to about 6 network meetings, read to 50 or so kids, attended an awards ceremony, had a few shops dinners, watched my friends arrive and leave the country, have 3 new baby girls in the family, 2 engagements, 2 pregnancies, about 7 parties, hundreds of emails and invites and been arranging to redesign the shop! It's hard to believe that since having this Christmas in July event and in two months so much could happen!
The shop is looking fantastic now that we have got rid of some sections that weren't selling and increased the books in sections which are!
The most daunting thing is that there is still so much potential and so much more work to do still!
I have been spending the last day unpacking boxes of books and sighing/gasping/staring where appropriate!
There is some amazing stuff, great travel books, a yoga book (all done in a glossy black/white/silver format!), some Bill Bryson, loads which I haven't heard of like memoirs of Isabel Allende, another about a woman who lives in Peru and gets advice from nature and spans her three generations and a whole lot of crime, historical and fiction - all in immaculate condition! I still have a box of about 30 or so books to go...
Last night I went grocery shopping for the first time in a month or so and was craving cheese so much, then I came home and made steak with wilted spinach greens and pine nuts in a spinach sauce with lime olive oil - it was really good (and delicious Grace!)
I am going to a huge family dinner tonight, so there will be about 15 or so of us and I'll get to chat with Jubes, see my niece and have a proper dinner!
There have been a few naughty boys in the shop today, one who pulled all the books out of my window display and threw things on the floor; his mom didn't stop him, so I did and another who wants a toy and has been asking his mom for it for what feels like hours but has only been a few minutes!
I have sold a whole lot of half priced books today to people who keep mentioning planes and holidays and beaches sigh...

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