Wednesday, September 20


My keys were mysteriously missing for the second time this month this morning and when I finally drove down to Mops and got the spare set and drove to work; there was a note saying that I had dropped them! Oops!
I stayed open til 6:45pm last night because there were customers... then had to rush home because a friend was coming for dinner! I ended up ordering veggie pizzas and a yummy salad at a place on the way home to let her in, and then the pizzas got delivered later - Aah the joys of being single and the pizza was healthy with spinach, lime, chat potatoes, tiny tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, shallots, red capsicum and spices! mmmm
We spent the night on the computer and chatting while watching All Saints (not as good or as exciting as Grey's although there were some hot doctors!)
My Israeli friend installed a firewall and anti virus programme in my computer a few days back and it has taken ages to start up and for documents to open...what's been really good is I have been receiving book questions off the website and answering a lot more shop related emails.
I mainly give advice, but I ended up chatting for ages to a guy on the phone yesterday who called me to put a book aside for him in the window. He asked me what I had just finished reading and we started talking about Catch Me If You Can and how Frank scammed the banking system by re - routing cheques across the US and by the time the cheque returned to the bank in question; he was long gone. Because of this and other information he gives to the FBI, banks have updated their security and their cheque/ cheque numbers go through a better system - I think the man is brilliant!
There is a pile of books in my desk, charity brochures, other info I have for the shop and the three books I am reading or want to read, the third one is called BetweenSilkandCyanide all about a man called Leo Marks whose father owned 84CharingCrossRoad made famous by Helene Hanff's book which were letters between her and Frank Doel over 20 years about books and they formed a real friendship through the letters - it's a really lovely book!
So Between Silk and Cyanide is about Leo and World War II and his code making and cracking antics - another memoir which sounds really really good!
I am in the middle of Kitchen Confidential which is really full on and makes all chefs sound like drunk perverts! and have just finished A Wedding in December - which had a predictable outcome based on high school friendships and their reunion at a wedding 27 years later.
The shop has been full of pregnant women buying pregnancy or guides on children and have read to a little boy and his baby sister about a dolphin who taught the octopus, the seagull and the frog how to dive!
I bought a few books yesterday which I popped into the window and a collection of Shakespeare which I have put into a pile on the shelf. It's looking fuller and fuller!
While sitting here drinking my coffee; I have made plans to walk after work, get a bit of exercise in and do some necessary shop stuff in the morning...

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