Monday, September 25


I love this book title and his very unusual writing style! His book e was all emails and this one is all individual paragraphs based on the people saying or thinking whatever they are saying or thinking - it's witty and entertaining and sharp - a nice book to start a Monday with!
My favourite crime fiction couple have just finished buying a whole lot of books - I wished they ACTUALLY lived here and aren't just on holiday - they bought in some other books they had just finished reading and bought a whole lot of Corbens and Connolly's and Rankins... bliss.
I have 2 piles of books to go mainly fictions and have tidied the whole back, so people can actually walk through without it being cramped - am very pleased with myself lately - the shop feels so much more organised!
There were two little boys in here earlier and I read them the Tale of Tom Kitten - Beatrix Potter with them giggling and staring at the cat pictures -
But don't really have much to say this morning, I am going to the trade fair later, am still getting books out and priced, need a coffee and am just enjoying relaxing and the sun!

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