Saturday, September 23


Spring has hit and everyone is out in short shorts (I see what you mean Grace!) and minis, thongs, floaty dresses, big sunnies, fake tans and huge grins! I am wearing a black spotty dress and thongs and feel like I should be on the beach milling about with a cup of coffee.
My friend who stays at me every now and then and I got up and went to Bondi, had a walk and coffee and perved and took in some sun really accelerating my day!
It all feels so relaxing and at ease and I guess that's what comes from living in a beachy area surrounded by surfer dudes and trendy chicks; everyone gets very chilled out and vague and I could spend hours watching people walk by while drinking in an open cafe!
I have been here for an hour chatting to a couple of people slouching in, have bought more books despite the box in the back that is screaming to be emptied and I am reading a chick lit, it's pink and yellow - it's screaming read me on a beach puh lease! Sigh.
I got a pressie form my sis yesterday called Change The World 9 To 5 ChangeTheWorld and another about 500 ways to change the world from IdeaADay Thanks sis! They both have some excellent stuff I can play with a little and use for and on the shop! :)
I have just been reading shark and dinosaur to two boys, have sold a few fictions, some classics and chatted to a girl wearing a gorgeous yellow sundress. It has been a good morning!
I am seeing spots, ice cream, sunglasses, sun...

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