Tuesday, September 26

4 hours later...

Promoting reading up in the pic...
So I left work yesterday to meet the girl who always stays over and we spent 4 hours at the fair. I loved it; there was so much stuff, so much to look at and so much to ask...
She was a buyer in New York and after explaining what I was after; we focused on bright, funky and reasonably priced anything connected to books and writing and finally found a stand that had all my requirements!
We literally looked at every display that related to the shop and gasped at all the funky toys and gifts and home wares and products and chatted to the stall owners, organised some reps, made an incredible sale with a really nice and patient girl and I even promoted the shop by handing out bookmarks to the stall owners and anyone who spoke to us!
I managed to order a range of funky things to start which were discounted at 50% and all came with their individual packaging/display system so I basically get them and put them on the shelf! They are all bright or quirky or beautiful products connected to books and writing like little notepads with a pencil for kids, two types of journals, some quirky and colourful notepads and a card display! Oh and gorgeous bookmarks! I am very pleased with them all!
And we came back armed with gifts! We got greeting cards, canvas shopping bags, microwavable degradable tupperware, book marks, scentchips (Grace form your parents' stand!) and I got a catalogue and cards from about thirty people! I think it's a really great idea for a retailer and I also think that the fair was worth going to and fun! I learnt so much, met some potential suppliers and got to see what might sell well!
It's now midday and after I swept the shop (and cursed whoever left a half eaten cupcake on the shelf and spilt hundreds and thousands all over the floor below) I did the usual banking and coffee buying and chatting to Pops about the fair; I have been selling kids books, recommending an armful of Goosebumps for a 10 year old boy and have been circling all the things I like in the catalogue - there is a sale later that Pops might attend!
I have been burning lemon/lemongrass sage/bergamot scentchips in my shop all morning and it smells so fresh and citrusy!

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  1. Hi E!! I am loving the pics - so sweet!! And can't wait to see all the little goodies you got from the fair, what a great idea! I just played hangman too - what fun!