Tuesday, September 12

still raining...

Pops has just come in with a cup of coffee so I can do the banking. I have just got back from the bank and finished dusting the desk and sweeping - book shops get so dusty, and I am drinking the coffee while writing this.
It has been raining on and off since last Wed so I spent the night in on the phone to two good friends and watching Grey's. It seemed to be all about fighting for the things you want or not getting the things you want and while I always try to find meanings in things; I have been far too busy thinking about the shop this morning to find any relevance in Grey's. It's quiet and has been for three weeks. I have arranged to go on cheap and free business breakfasts and functions to keep my side of things rolling and while the shop is all bright, colourful and stocked - the whole road is experiencing an eerie lull!
I spent hours yesterday sorting out the books in the back, cleaning them, pricing them and cleaning. I am not sure if it is spring and some kind of innate instinct within me; but I have been cleaning and tidying up non stop both at home and at the shop and I am getting a bit tired of it! I don't like to clean and now everything including myself and my hair are shiny and spotless (Grace cleans a lot too - stop cleaning Grace!)
I am still reading A Wedding in December - which is good and all about friendships with links to the past and am about to start a new favourite author of mine's JasperFForde - The Big Over Easy - all about Humpty Stuyvesant Van Dumpty III! He is at Glee Books tonight talking about his new Nursery Crimes Series book The Fourth Bear but I forgot to book and it's full up (oops!)
I think he is funny and brilliant and loves books and that the Nursery Crimes series is innovative, inventive and hysterical - look at this - NurseryCrimesDepartment - he makes me laugh! I love English humour and someone who writes this well. I am hoping that someone who is going to see him tonight will read this post and direct him to it!
I am a bit confused with people asking for discounts in a second hand book shop! I get that people are students and want to save money but seriously?! My books are very very cheap and I don't get asking a small business for large discounts! So I gave the woman a couple of dollars off but frankly I can't see anyone asking Borders for discounts - they wouldn't dare!
I love Borders actually - I go in there at least once a week to see what's new and I went in there on the weekend and there were hundreds of people drinking coffee, reading and queueing (sp?) up to buy books - so that was a good sign that people are still buying books and reading!
Then I just had another woman in with a $100 note for a $6 book; I didn't have enough money in the till to change the money for her so had to run to the cafe next door and get it changed - I think people are missing the point of second hand book shop here!
I am going to a huge book fair this afternoon to stock up the shop and increase some of the shelving we moved around - so I am looking forward to getting out this afternoon and digging through boxes of books in a room full of books!

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