Wednesday, September 13


I have been up since 6:30 am this morning.I had a two hour business and networking breakfast which was really yummy - at the Chai Cafe. I had poached eggs and spelt toast with avo and tomatos - delicious!
It's the 13th today and so far has been an incredibly lucky day; I have found a charity I want to get involved with; it supports courses, literacy and schooling in 3rd world countries via gift certificates so that should be something really good! I have volunteered mine and the bookshop's services at a local uni theatre for a play in October and I am looking into designing the logo I have in mind for business cards, stationary, notepads etc...
I bought 4 boxes of books at the fair yesterday which I need to get out! I found some old and good sci fis, some really quirky and unusual books and some travel! It was really good to get out and go to this huge fair, I met some students and book lovers and I love digging through old books and exclaiming at some of the titles published! There was one called cooking with a can of tuna, an awful cover and badly designed cook book which had anything and everything you could do with a single can of tuna!
I feel sorry for people who have to get up and drag themselves to work early in the morning, but I actually feel energised and refreshed. I have had a walk across Bondi Junction mall, I have eaten a good breakfast, got some sun and spent two hours meeting a few new faces and learning about good work practices. The girls have only officially been in business for two months and had some great business cards, letterheads and a logo they bought, valuable advice for me!
I bought some excellent business books and found this website this morning AustralianBookclub which is a resource for business books and also publishes books...
I have a copy of How to Date a Dad - Jo Abi - there are launches and reviews for this book which has just been published so it's quite a find! I think someone gave up!JoAbi'swebsite
It's a relief to have some sun and certainly makes it easier to unpack all these boxes...

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