Monday, September 11

Monday again...

How does it come so fast - It may have something to do with the fact that I work on Saturdays but Sunday just whizzes by so in a day and a night, I have seen two movies, hang out with friends, ate pizza, deflead my flat, pick up a white hot angry Hemingway from the vet, spent Sat night in Bunga Bar with Juicy watching the howling winds and storm and I can't remember the rest, at all just whizzed by!
I did see Friends With money which I thought was rubbish and Thank You For Smoking with Jemima which was excellent, thought provoking and troubling! It's all about spin, being able to spin and everything that came out of this guy's mouth sounded perfect - until you thought about the fact that he was promoting teen smoking and ciggarettes CAN save people's lives and the fact that hundreds of other things kill people too. After watching thismovie I can understand the appeal of arguing, spinning, being a lawyer and being right (in his eyes) even against such a controversial subject matter - go see it!
It's now Monday morning and once again I have boxes of books which Pops bought on the weekend to sort through! I have just finished reading thisbook because I love Yasmin Boland's writing style, she is into all the cosmic stuff, a freelance Journalist, wrote for some of my fave mags and she just seems like the kind of person I want to meet.
It was a strange New Agey book fulled with all kinds of crystal and alien stuff, but very addictive, funny and about love (of course!)
I am now reading A Wedding in December - Anita Shreve which I started this morning - which seems to be very intriguing so far!
I am eating biltong, drinking coffee and just thinking about it all, the shop is quiet (Monday morning AND it's freezing!) , I have a business breakfast this week and a HUGE trade fair to attend so the shop's cards are looking up.
I have just finished mopping and sweeping and cleaning the desk and Juicy popped in for a visit - so it's been a good start to this morning. I love it when friends come in and chat - Juicy is on the way to gym - the very gym that I should be on my way to at least twice a week! ( I think I am going to set up a weekly bet on here!)
I have been paging through a book called mankind with all sorts of inspirational photography and quotes and this one made me stop and catch my breath:

Men are asleep:
and when they die
they wake


It reminds me of the man dreaming of being a butterfly and when he woke up was contemplating whether he was an awake butterfly dreaming of being a man or vice versa. That thought really got to me and some great philosphers and psychologists debated and are still debating dream states vs reality. I hate to think of a man being asleep all through his life and not seeing what's there and out there and in front of him;
but mostly I hate the thought of being in a dream state and missing what's in front of me...
So I am now going to help a customer, read and get some books on the shelves...

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