Friday, September 1


I have started reading The trouble with Harvey - Tales of a city vet - Tony Sheldon and it includes the tale of a diabetic cat so should be interesting to read. I love animals and was thinking about being a vet; but realised I wanted to be around happy animals and bring them joy. So I have walked dogs and loved puppies and helped cats (and worked out that my marks were not good enough to be a vet!)
It's the first day of Spring, the first day of giving away free books (YES!) and it's the perfect sunny day! I want to be outside in the sun and not inside on a computer but there is always time for that.
I am not feeling verbose ( as Grace blogged!) this morning so am going to drink my tea, read (I decorated the shop with fake flowers in pots and redid the window display for father's day on Sun!), I have cleaned and arranged and Pops has put out books in the back. I have done some marketing and put up posters on the walls outside my shop door...

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  1. Sorry you didn't win E - I definitely think you were the most deserving of the award - oh well, maybe next year.
    That's amazing that it's Spring there already - how's the promotion going so far?? I'm sure it'll be great! Have a great weekend! xxx