Saturday, September 2

pressies and celebrations...

In the last month three people I know have 'got' engaged, two people I know (including older sis) have had babies and it's Father's Day this Sun! So there has been a lot of gift buying, celebrating and congratulations going around.
I went shopping after work last night with my Israeli friend ( he loves shopping!)
and bought Pops a pressie for Sun. I also went to one of my fave chocolate cafes for a tiny salmon roll and a coffee while waiting for my Israeli friend to do whatever he needed to do! I booked a nice place for all of us to eat on Sun - really looking forward to it!
The life of a single girl is actually really dull; I went to bed at 8pm last night! I have just been wiped, so cancelled dinner planes with sis and a potential visit from the girl who stayed at me once, later! And it was bliss, just catching up on sleep before waking up to another crazy day!
This morning I read some of the vet book in bed, had brekky, put in a load of washing, cleaned the balcony, watered the poor dying plants (They ALWAYS die Grace) and washed Hemingway after discovering he suddenly has fleas... this is my average morning reading, feeding Hemmy, tidying, doing washing or dishes or whatever before going in to work. I always try to tidy in the mornings because I HATE coming home after work and feeling like I have to clean and tidy, I like just feeling like relaxing after!
I have to buy flea stuff and have been invited to parties and BBQs later.
I came in this morning, swept the shop, put on Ladysmith Black Mambazo (Sp!), cleaned the back, updated my blog to a beta blog, congratulated a friend and now it's time for coffee...

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