Thursday, August 31

end of the reading challenge!

The reading challenge is over and these are the books I managed to read and finish!

Espresso Tales - Alexander Mccall Smith
Behind The Moon - reviewed in one of my blogs - really really good
Life Swap - Jane Green - please read this sis!
Noth That Kind Of Girl - blissful girl c^%&^* I mean fiction!
Coronation Takies - um reviewed in a blog of mine, life in India in the 30's
Behaving Like Adults - Anna Maxted -loved it!
Charlotte's Web - EB White
The Constant Princess - Philipa Gregory
When In Rome - Penelope Green
The Wonder Spot - Melissa Banks
Eleven Minutes - Paulo Coelho
Hidden Life of Dogs - Elizabeth ...
Hostel Girl - Maurice Gee
Who Moved My Cheese? - Dr (Ian) Spencer -I think!
The Devil's Companions - John Misto
Body of Evidence - Patricia Cornwell
It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken - Greg the writer from Sex and The City and his wife!Spy Girl - can't remember - loved the book!
Sellevision - Augusten Burroughs
Spellbound - Jane Green
My Lover's Lover - Maggie O'Farrell
The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas - John Boyle
Disinformation - Dr Karl
Ticket To Ride - Sarah Darmody
Sarah McDonald's book - Holy Cow - loved it!
Welcome To My Planet - can't remember - good though!

So managed to read 26 books!

I started Middlesex, The Twelth Man, read some children's book - got halfway through the Killer Bean of Calabar and other stories (sold it!)
So all up although I pick up books and begin to read them, I misplace them or sell them or find something else and put them down!
I loved this challenge but found that as soon as things got a bit muddled up im my personal life or in my head I gravitated towards Anna Maxted and books about relationships and they helped!

I attended the awards last night and was nominated but didn't win! There is always next year and we were all a bit surprised by how the franchises and bigger businesses won over the smaller businesses.
This was after the speech by the Chamber of Commerce Chairman who cited that he recognised how small businesses are struggling against the larger businesses and then they got all the recognition and prizes! !
I have spent the morning buying books for the shops and asking other shop owners questions.
Over the summer I am changing the shop, re arranging the inside and ensuring that the things which sell are in the forefront. I am opening up the travel, sci fi, crime fiction and self help sections and getting children's cards, books and toys in! It's all going to be a slow process but am working towards a goal, by the end of the year, the shop will look different! :)
I also have spent the morning buying engagement presents, chatting to friends, helping friends out and thinking of stepping up! I know it's an American term step up to the plate and it's from baseball (I think!) I am assuming that in sports definitions, you have to step up to the plate in order to play and if you have stepped up then you're ready.
But I have been thinking about how it defines us and me in my business and personal life. It's signifying that I am ready, ready to REALLY be a community book shop and make changes in the shop and in my personal life; to be prepared for things to be thrown at me! But more than that; it's in reference to who I am, what I believe in, my values and my convinctions; it's the drive to stand up for who I am... spring is coming!

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