Friday, September 8

something new everyday...

I discovered this site this morning thanks to the pop bitch newsletter I receive fortnightly which gives me all the entertainment goss in the UK, USA and Europe! I love it!
I know that people who live in London don't generally go to the restaurants listed on here or wear the latest styles or do all the expensive London things but I sent the link to my sis anyway because I miss her and I love finding sites that give me a bit of depth into a city or culture! I am on the net all day long and this is the best way to find the latest books and news...
Go on sign up! popbitch!
Speaking of the latest books - Bill Bryson has just written a kind of memoir about his hometown in the 50's -the lifeandtimesofthethunderboltkid
It's so hard not to get personal on this blog; which I am really trying to keep and maintain as a shop blog so all of you know what this shop girl (madam) is up to!
But life has a habit of taking over and while I have been trying to keep this about the shop ( I know I know!) life is about my friends getting engaged, getting proposed to, becoming pregnant, making surprise visits, leaving, coming and so many other things that happen from day to day! I have friends staying over, a friend needing to move in, a sis with a new baby as well as work stuff and trying to fit all the normal stuff in like dinners with friends and plans. Last night I popped in to visit a close friend of mine who I spend every Sunday with - she works so hard, it's hard to see her and my Israeli friend and I just visited her and chatted, watched a bit of TV, gossiped and just caught up - it was good to see her. I skipped my language class and was planning to stay in and watch US sitcoms because it was freezing and raining but ended up going out.
So while it seems as if my life is stagnant, it's far from because I happen to meet and make new friends, go to all the networking stuff, am always arranging something or other and I always seem to learn something new (which I quickly forget! and then blurt out months later!)
This morning my favourite crime fiction reading couple are in, choosing more crime fiction books - they come in every fortnight or so and end up buying 10 or more books! They are the nicest couple!
I also selected a whole lot of books for a girl who comes in every week or so with her dad; I pick a handful, she reads the first page of every book and he ends up buying them all - I love her, she's about 8 and very sweet and chatty... so it was a great afternoon yesterday and a good morning so far!
I have books to put out, have just had a coffee (but need another) and have sold poetry and war books this morning...

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