Saturday, September 9

scratches, hasty exit and an early start!

That sums up my morning so far! It consisted of pushing Hemingway into a cat box, shutting all the windows and doors and letting off the flea bombs; we're both out til much much later so murder most foul can take place! Hemmy is at the vet next door til tomorrow morning and I'm just going to go out and stay out...and return to fugue and fumes (but hopefully not little bodies!)
So I have been up since 6 or so am, tidying, folding towels, getting the cat, the bombs and myself ready... and am now at the shop drinking a large coffee!
It's pouring outside so I have swept, redid the window display (it's like the third time this week - not sure why I keep re doing the display!) and am delving through the boxes of books and looking through the interesting ones to price and put out - which will take the entire day - it's good to be indoors on this wet and grey day
I have sold a few kids books to a man whose 7 year old girl reads a book everyday and have been looking at the Artemis Fowl website; I keep recommending the books, I may as well read them and get to know them well!
I have popped a signed copy of a poker novel in the window and am reading another chick lit about an affair - I am a single girl so not sure what the attraction is!
I did find this one written by a 30 year old (time to start - Grace?) Homework - Suneeta Peres da Costa, who wrote this when she was 23 and her first book received excellent reviews -Suneeta'spage
A man has just bought me a box full of free books! So now I REALLY am about to do my favourite thing today, go through them, read the blurbs, google info about the book and finally price and clean them all...
I have just found a tell your own fortune - fourteen ways to divine what the future holds (Narcheska would love this one!)
I went to see my sis and my niece last night and fed her cats, held my niece watched her get bathed and fed before going with Mops and Pops for dinner.
I am sitting here contemplating my cat scratches, a couple right in the middle of my finger, one large red one amongst three old scars and a tiny one smack on the finger tip...ouch!

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