Monday, September 4

endless days...

I had a really busy day yeaterday, coffee with my Israeli friend, really amazing and yummy lunch with family at Bondi Social - had a chicken burger and fries - really really great place with a balcony overlooking Bondi Beach and then Beach Road the rest of the day with a whole bunch of friends followed by dinner at Sababa (yummy fish and pita with dijonaise, basil and green leaves) followed by a coffee at a friends place. I love perfect days and despite having to wash Hemmy and all my sheets, vacumn the carpet etc and de flea us! - I had the best Sunday!
It just seems so quiet out today! It's a gorgeous spring day and I love this weather - there are a lot of yummie mummies pushing prams, people walking dogs and kids on bicycles but it's quiet shop wise!
This morning I spent a good hour dusting, sweeping and tidying inside and then re did the entire window display, priced and shelved cards and re tidied the kids section! It literally took the whole morning! On top of that I had a large tea, had two close friends in to visit me and tell me their news, answered emails, got a dinner invite for tonight and am organising the monthly shop keepers dinner for this Wed night!
So the shop is clean and tidy and swept and dusted (thanks for inspiring me Grace!) and am thinking of the next thing I can do before Christmas and summer holidays and December! I can't wait to wear minis and singlets and thongs (flip flops) and get up early! I also walk to and from work during summer!
I am looking at cards, toys and starting funky rangey things for the shop lke journals, notebooks etc, so just had a rep in showing me the range! Expensive! Expensive! But seems like toys, journals, notebooks, cards etc might be the new thing!
As well as books of course and I figure it all fits in still! :)
I am wearing a very 1960's outfit, tight black pants with little wedges and a flowing flowery top and my friend took one look at me and screamed " Are you pregnant?" I love that description - I clearly look glowing and healthy and like a 1960's housewife!
I have some regulars in and just recommended some Aretemis Fowl book, I put all kids and young adults books in my window display and am going to get some lunch...

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