Wednesday, September 6

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I have just started reading this book! which was a notable New York Times review book and nominated for the Edgar Allan Poe Award and Los Angeles Times Book Prize - the reason I am telling you that is because this book delves into the life of a sedate neighbourhood. A typical American neighbourhood where people are safe, it's open, friendly, the neighbours know each other, kids ride bikes and play on the streets, but there is something hidden there, there are people with secrets and Marsha a nine year old girl who observes some things and becomes suspicious;changes the life and the outlook of this neighbourhood.
It sounds like a typical subject matter, but its creepy and enlightening especially for me. I never grew up in a safe place, never rode a bike on the street (as far as I can remember back) and was ALWAYS aware of crime and danger. It's sad when something happens to a suburban utopia like this one (and may many others in real life) that takes the innocence away and leaves people with a sense of danger and loss.
My friends all have had wonderful news to share with me, the flat is clean, I have spoken to and helped out a lot of friends this week, so relaxed with toast and orange juice and watched CSI last night ... I used to really love CSI but it just got too much, with the crimes and perps and stories just too quick and clean cut and crammed into a half an hour eposode just too easily for my liking. I was also amazed at how they spend days and nights in their labs - with no personal life or sleep whatsoever! I still love forensics and crimes and murder stories though - I love how you start with the dead body and go back to the beginning to find out the psychology behind the murder!
This morning has been very quiet, I have swept and tidied, responded to emails from potential customers, helped someone with some work she needs to do, read a book to a kid and am now going to speak to shop keepers about dinner tonight!
It's another gorgeous sunny day, I am sure people are in the parks and beaches enjoying the sun...

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