Tuesday, September 5


I came back from work last night armed with flea stuff! Then I spent two hours, powdering and mopping and vacuuming and doing washing and finally powdered Hemmy and washed myself and my hair. I think after hearing the vet babbling on about flea eggs hatching and crawling all over you, followed by the pharmacist saying the same thing - I took all the precautions!
Well thanks to Hemmy the flat has been scrubbed so we got a bit of a spring clean in! Then I watched Grey's and in search of deeper meanings (my Mon night though session!) I just took the episode as the mistakes people make either assuming that they are in a relationship when they're not, or hurting/using someone else because they are sad or need something from them... of course with Grey's the affects are always so obvious, they really wear their hearts in the open... but in our lives we have to deal with a lot of hurt and pain in silence. Unless we actually tell people (which I do - but also have to acknowledge that they don't exactly like this!)
My friend who used to stay at me came over to get some help with a paper (I'm working on it now) and this morning I insisted she wash herself with flea stuff! Even though its bright blue and you feel like a bit of a sheep; the stuff is not bad!
I have spent the morning approving an advert that 17 shops are putting out and should be ready in the next few days for a large mail drop and distribution - it actually will look really good and advertising helps!
I have paid bills, been to the bank and queued for ages in the Post Office - watching a man with dementia scream how he doesn't like babies and a woman ranting at the copy machine... strange! It was like a show but after 15 minutes - I wanted my money back!
I have registered to go to a trade fair to meet suppliers, stockists, wholesalers etc because it might be an option to funk up the business and at least I can see what is out there! My friend has been very enthusiastic about this idea and has offered to come and assess with me before I make buying decisions!
I have sold more books in the past two hours then I did all day yesterday!, which is really good and people have started to email me with book questions. I am finally getting interest and people are getting the hang of emailing the shop - I respond immediately!
I was invited to several dinners last night but after cleaning and scrubbing the flat ( which really smells - a horrible off medicine smell!) I cancelled my plans. It's a pity because a friend of mine is only up for the week and another friend is planning on leaving in a few days - it has been crazy how many people have left in the last three months!
So I have a rep coming in today, response from an educational toy company, an ad going out and the shops get together tomorrow, it's all good so far!
I have a lot to do... lunch to eat, window displays to imagine and people to contact...

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