Tuesday, September 19

changes and things...

Sometimes things need to change and change is great right!? I have been drawing (if you can call what I have been doing drawing!) some squares with labels and a whole lot of circles with labels, and if you have a lot of imagination and squint a little; maybe you can see what I see or envision to change and move around in the shop. It's actually been fun looking at it, imagining it, closing my eyes and seeing what COULD change - but the drawing is not so great!
It's all been about things this morning! Bills and banks and speaking to customers and getting information about ideas for the shop - things that take imagination, time and money and some kind of motivation to implement!
But things are also slowly coming together and soon after much research and measuring and logic and moving... the changes will be great! And I am excited about having to put them into place or just inspired by the wandering around and circle drawing - which I have been doing all morning! It's also because I am wearing really pretty, girly black wrap around silk shoes with flowers pressed on them and I love them!
I haven't started Jasper Fforde's book yet because I seem to be reading non fiction and memoirs lately and I finally picked up the one Grace recommended way back - KitchenConfidential - I started reading it over a lamb dinner and vegetables last night and while it looks like an expose, the author Anthony writes that his cooking life is a love affair and if he needs a loan or a shoulder to cry on, he'll go to a fellow chef or sous chef or saucier - people who he has worked with for twenty or so years. And it's all in there the good, bad and ugly (his and my paraphrased words!) It sounds really good because I love people who don't hold back when they write!
I received all the stuff so I could start supporting the charity I have chosen for the shop - to mainly promote literacy and education but also these gifts are relatively inexpensive and there are chances to buy a goat or a cow for a village, to provide fresh water, to provide school supplies, or give someone schooling for a year or for courses and education in HIV... have a look TearAustralia I have some posters and catalogues; I have to find a space for it in the shop and I am also going to get some certificates...
It's post Monday and post Grey's which I always use as a bit of thinking therapy on a Monday night...all about superstitions and believing...but frankly I just love the soap operish stuff, will they get together? Will she kiss him? No. Yes. Very enjoyable!
I have a friend coming back to Sydney for a few weeks and can't wait to see her again and Grace is off to London!
It's time for lunch and I am going to look at my drawing for a bit...

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